Google Instant and SEO: The Sky Is Falling!

by Canonical SEO on September 11, 2010

Google Instant and SEO

With the debut of Google Instant on September 8, 2010, some “Chicken Littles” out there would have you believe that the sky is falling or at least that the world of search engine optimization (SEO) is coming to an end. Find out how and why Google Instant may or may not affect SEO.

Learn about Google Instant and SEO.


.EDU and .GOV Links: SEO Gold Mines?

by Canonical SEO on July 26, 2010

.EDU and .GOV Links for SEO

Over the years, links from .edu and .gov domains have been sought after by webmasters as search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. In the late ’90s and early 2000s getting links from education and government was a very effective SEO strategy. But do you know why they were once so effective? Are they still effective?

Learn about the effects of .EDU and .GOV links on SEO.


10 SEO Tips for Configuring a WordPress Blog

by Canonical SEO on June 21, 2010

WordPress Blog SEO

Are you considering creating a WordPress blog and would like your posts to rank well at the search engines? Find out how you can configure your new blog to maximize organic rankings. Find out how to pick an SEO-friendly theme and eliminate duplicate content throughout your WordPress site.

Learn more about WordPress SEO.


WordPress Performance: Speed Up a Slow WordPress!

by Canonical SEO on January 12, 2010

WordPress Performance Improvements

Do you have a slow WordPress site? Have you been wondering how to speed up the performance of WordPress? WordPress site performance is likely going to become increasingly important since Google is now considering using page load times as a ranking factor in Caffeine. Today I learned a way to speed up WordPress by changing something amazingly simple.

Learn how to improve your site’s WordPress performance.


Theme Pyramids: An SEO Friendly Site Architecture

by Canonical SEO on December 27, 2009

Pyramid Themes and SEO

Learn about theme pyramids – an SEO friendly site architecture. They can do wonders for your search engine rankings by improving your site’s “flow of relevance”. Find out what they are, why they work, and how to implement them.

Improve your search engine rankings with theme pyramids.


Site Performance feature Google WMT Labs

Google continues to buid out their free Webmaster Tools by adding a new feature to the Labs section to help webmasters monitor their site performance and suggest changes to the site which might improve page load times. I take this as a strong hint as to the importance that page load times will play when Caffeine is completely rolled out to all Google data centers.

Learn about the new Site Performance feature in Google’s WMT.


How Google snippets are chosen for the search results

Google snippets are often a mystery to webmasters. There often seems to be no rhyme or reason to how Google choses a snippet to display in their SERPs for a particular URL. But there is a method and knowing how to leverage it can mean more traffic.

Learn about how Google snippets are chosen for their SERPs.


Great Search Engine Marketing Conference: Pubcon!

by Canonical SEO on November 19, 2009

Search engine marketing conference: Pubcon in Las Vegas

Regardless of whether you are just beginning to learn about search engine optimization or are a seasoned veteran, there are a couple good search engine marketing conferences out there which you should attend. Pubcon is my search engine marketing conference of choice.

Learn about Pubcon, a great search engine marketing conference.


New Keyword Significance Details Added to Google’s WMT

by Canonical SEO on November 13, 2009

New keyword significance details added to Google's Webmaster Tools

Google has added yet another new feature to its Webmaster Tools to assist webmasters in tracking down pages which might have been hacked. The new feature will also be useful for optimizing pages. The changes were added to the “Keywords” page of the “Your site on the web” section to show additional information about significant keywords used throughout the site.

Learn about the new keyword details added to Google’s WMT.

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Redirecting Web Pages: 301 Redirect Basics

by Canonical SEO on November 2, 2009

Redirecting web pages with 301 redirects

Every webmaster and SEO on the planet should know about redirecting web pages. While there are many means by which to accomplish web page redirection, only the 301 Permanently Moved redirect is SEO-friendly and transfers credit for the old URL’s inbound links over to the new URL.

Learn the basics of redirecting web pages.